What is SEO and how does it works?


When I first started as a blogger,I thought that once you publish a post on your blog and search for it on a search engine like Google, Yahoo,Bing,Yandex and other search engines,that you will see that your published post as a result. The first time I tried it,I was worried and I contacted my hosting company to know the cause of it. It was then that I get to know that there is something like SEO. The fact is that once you are dealing with the Internet, you must know something about SEO. What then is SEO ?

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of making your website rank higher on search results by means of improving its content, keyword and other SEO factors.

The world of SEO is full of so many different search engines, firms, opinions, and more. Google may recommend one thing, Bing another, and so on. That is why  SEO is very important once you are dealing with the Internet and most especially if you want to be among the top in search result.

How does SEO does it works

Like I said earlier, SEO comprises of many factors but I will try my best to explain some to you. I focus on Google because that is the most widely used search engine.

Basically Google uses a complex mathematical formula called an algorithm to give a score to every website and every search people to do in Google to figure out which website should rank best for what people are looking for. Think of the algorithm like a collection of empty buckets. One bucket gives you a score for the quality of your site, one bucket gives you a score for how many sites link to you, one bucket gives you a score for how people trust you. Your job is to fill up more buckets in the algorithm than any other website. You can affect your search engine ranking by having the highest score in terms of quality of your site, of having the highest score in terms of authority of your website, of having the highest score in terms of the most trusted store for that search that people are looking for. The good thing is that there are hundreds of buckets, and for every single one of these buckets these scores put together in the algorithm to figure out where you rank is an opportunity for you to fill it up and rank better. So optimizing your site for search results really means getting the highest score in as many of these points as you can.

The fact remains that SEO is the whole  process of proving to search engines that you are the best site, the most authoritative, the most trusted, the most unique and interesting site that they can offer to their customer – the searcher. Get people to talk about you, produce good quality content, get people to link to you, and Google will be more confident that you are the best result that they can offer to their searchers, and that’s when you will start ranking on the first page of Google.


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