14 powerful ways to improve your GRADES if you ARE UNDER-PERFORMING


Even the brightest students band find themselves backsliding academically. our ability to operate efficiently is one and another way to improve our academic performance is to get organized. secondly, a student needs a good night sleep everyday inorder to improve in school activities especially in learning

principal strategies for improving the academic achievement of students includes::

for one to study at night , learn this simple ettiques

  • eat extremely well
  • exercise often
  • drink plenty water
  • listen to the right kind of music
  • try to use brightened bulb or lamp


  1. adopt a positive mental attitude, brightening up your study space can help you stay upbeat
  2. work out where you are falling short. always try hard in theoretical aspects of a subject  especially for sciences.
  3. try to establish a good teacher-student relationship
  4. pay more attention in class and ask questions whenever you find a topic difficult to understand
  5. start organizing your life. make choices that tend to suit you more  or  even ask for counselling sections
  6. improve your note-taking skills, make sure your notes are eligible and understandable

an improvement in the essay writing skill will also help


  • Read other peoples essays (just as you have read mine)
  • build you vocabulary and use it properly  (make use of dictionaries and thesaurus, the aim of improving your vocabulary is to increase precision and decrease waffle)
  • words to help develop an argument, pitching your essays
  • tell the reader what other people say
  • Syntax, punctuation and tone of voice . (be honest: do you find your tone of voice interesting)

8. Find the right learning style for yourself (might be easier for you to listen to audio books rather than trying to absorb information by reading)

9. improve you memory : many students struggle to remember all the information they need for exams and this bring their grades down

10. stop procrastinating: the is a killer tool  in the education system. the only way to avoid procrastination is by hardworking.

11. allow plenty of times for revision: it takes more than a hit to crack a hard nut. you gotta keep on trying

12. make learning more fun. (Establish a study group with friends)

13. Hire a private tutor

14. Go on holiday learning programs, lessons and seminars

and most importantly never give up on yourself. no time is never too late to achieve greatness..


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