Sajni telling Rishi to say thanks to a reluctant Rishi.Kabir also says the same.Munna saves him and signals him to say thanks Sunaina and he politely says so.Sajni hugs Kabir to thanks him.Indira tells her to hug Rishi and to go to talk with her hubby in her room.
Indira leaves with Kabir and she says she feels something is fishy..Kabir says not to worry about the Sharma’s that much.Indira also agrees with her.

Sajni is acting and continuously hugging Rishi in the hall while he’s pushing her away.Indu comes to help him and a little fight begins between Sajni and Indu as Sajni calls her lizard…
Kabir decides to go and make the arrangement to return back to Lahore.A vendor in CC street is noting Sajni number…Kabir goes to buy flowers for Indira.
is forcefully hugging Rishi and she also fixes her price per day for acting .Indira arrives later and is looking at them from behind the curtain and Rishi sees her.As she begins to leave Rishi calls her in and she says she brings some bangles for Sajni.Rishi says you may do how you feel and leaves but hides behind the curtain and is happy seeing Indira forcing Sajni to wear the bangles and asking her to dress up well as there’s are children in the house.She forces her to wear one of her dress but Rishi stops her and snatches the dress from her saying there’s still sometimes forr Indira to wear this clothes as she has forgotten things for timebeing…Indira is a bit lost as she cannot understand him…Rishi gives her an another dress and she goes to change.

Indira is on the terrace she says she’s not feeling good and Rishi gives her the pills saying she must follow what the doc suggested as she already met Indira.She takes it and while drinking water it spills and Rishi wipes it.
Kabir enters with some flowers wrapped in a piece of newspaper and tells thanks to Rishi for giving her the pills.He says he forgot and Rishi retorts he did not…

Kabir tells Indira he brings flowers for her and wants to put it on Indira hair.Indu at the sametime asks for food and Indira tells Kabir she’ll wear the flowers afterwhile and she’s going to give food to Indu.While going she winks to Rishi and he smiles.
Sajni comes near Rishi and tells her that if ever she knows it was a love affair she would have acted for free.She asks her if Husna is his Indira??
Sajni asks Rishi phone to call to the bar and Indira also calls Sajni to feed Indu.She goes to the kitchen but with no will she lifts a spoon to feed Indu when suddenly Munna calls Sajni showing her a bottle of liquor she gets enthusiastic and the dhall falls on Babli cloth who was also sitting next to Indu.Indira goes to clean Babli clothes and Sajni tells Indu to eat her food and she herself runs to join Munna.

Munna gives her the bottle and she begins to drink after gulping some liquor she tells him to put on a song and she begins to dance with Munna.Indu also joins them and she begins to teach Indu the dance.all the others run downstair to see what is exactly happening and are shocked to see Indu dancing with Sajni.
Sajni ,Munna and Indu dancing on Fevicol.Everyone rush downstair to see what is going on and Husna gets angry she removes her slipper and throws it on Munna asking him what is going on.He says this is the way he’s showing his love to her sister Indira who’s back after a long time.She also slaps Sajni and tells Indu she’ll take care of her thereafter and no need to stay with Sajni.
She takes away Babli and Indu with her and Rishi is happy seeing Husna/indira back as ” he says Hitler will be soon back.

Kabir says and thinks that he’s unable to understand Husna as he has never seen her like this before.What was the need to promise to Indu.
Rishi says his shreematiji is back and where was her Hitlergiri when 8 yrs back if Kabir really got
married to her…
He begins to go upstairs and his phone continues to play and he continues to pay attention then he hears that Kabir in his drunk state sad he never married Indira his happiness touches the sky he begins to laugh loudly..
The promotion of the new show between Kutumbh and Sunaina is going on and Kutumbh says that she will take care of SN as here also there’s lots of change in relationship.Munna arrives holding Indira slipper and he says he feels so proud and good after 8 yrs that his sister once again beat him…

Sunaina also is please and Kutumbh beats him also saying this is from her behalf…
Munna asks Kuumbh if ever in his heart somewhere she does not feels good seeing Husna as Hitler back in action.Husna who was coming towards them hear them and asks what were they talking they make some excuses and Arrives also sajni with whom Indira begins to fight for not teaching Indu well and not being as responsible as a good mom in raising her.Indu comes in between and asks them to stop their fight she tells Husna tomorrow she’ll not be in SN she’ll go to Lahore to leave her mom alone…

Sajni says to Husna Indu shows her respective place and Husna comes in between saying she’ll continue to meddle whenever Indu will be wrong guided she’s a child and does not know what she’s talking.
Kabir all frustrated is walking in the market he has the flowers he bought for Indira…He’s talking with someone on the phone to make all the arrangement for him to return back to Lahore and he throws away the flowers and notices Sajni picture in the paper.
He phones to take info about sajni and gets to know that she’s unmarried and has no child he thinks to himself this is the limit,he never thought that Rishi can go to this extent to show his wife and his daughter mom as someone else.
He enters his room and finds Rishi sitting on the bed and Rishi makes him hear the phone recordings and both have a tiff proving their points and reasons while Husna/Indira is moving slowly towards her room she’s having a headache as she’s not able why she’s realted as Hitler.She opens the door and finds Kabir and Rishi they keep quiet on seeing her…

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