Munna is exclaiming if the one with Rishi is Zara or Husna our the mad girl. Indira treks Munna to back off, he sprang back dramatically and that ensured that it was indeed Indira sharma, Hitler of CC. Indira looks around at all the mess and shouts on them. She tells everyone to clean it up in 10 minutes. Everyone starts doing so. Indu goes upstairs and starts spraying water at everyone with the water gun. Indira tells then to clean properly. Indu sprays water on Indira. Rishi holds her hand and pulls her towards himself. He makes her swirl and sways about. Indira shifts into his embrace.

Indu teases them and they break away from their hug. Indira asks munna about himself. he starts singing phoolon ka taaro ka. Indira asks Rishi how much money did he get from the circus. Rishi answers
5000. Indira demands for it and he is rendered speechless. she asks Kutumb about how much she got from Kabir, she too tries to cook up a reason but in vain. she proceeds to Sunaina and asks for the lottery money. Sunaina too blabbers something but is interrupted by Ishaan who says that she ran away with all the money leaving him and Seher behind. He gets emotional while saying the same.

Indira goes to Ishaan and says that even though he had grown so old, he silk doesn’t know how to wipe his glasses properly. Ishaan hugs her , cries and says that no one cared about him. Indira asks him about studies and asks him why he has grown slimmer when he was a cute chubby kid. Indu asks Rishi why isn’t Indira hugging her. Rishi treks her to introduce Indira to Seher and so she does. Indira hugs Seher. She then spots Inder and gets angry. Inder apologizes and is about to touch her feet when Meher stops him and says that it should be Indira who should be touching his feet. Indira asks about who Meher is. Munna tell her that Meher is Zara’s sister in law and adds that she is Inder’s new one inder says that he went mad in Indira’s absence but always saw her replica in Indu. Indira says that they will talk about indu later but they should first finish the matter at hand. she starts insulting her and says that she doesn’t want a bad example in her home in front of Indu. Indu treks Indira that its unfair that she calls her father by his name but is trekking Indu to behave otherwise. she keeps her hand on waist in hither style.
Rishi pities himself that he will become the scape goat in the war between the iron ladies.

Indu tells Indira that its unfair that she calls her dad by name but expects Indu to call Rishi Kumar papa. Meher says that Indira’s own daughter is going to teach her a lesson. India shouts at her asking if she said something. Radhe comes with a few people from CC and falls on Indira’s feet. Indira tells him to get up and asks him how he is. He says that now that she has returned everything will soon be fine. He starts saying Hitler Didi ki jai. Indira says that they should rather be doing that for Rishi and so they do. An old lady blesses them. Vanraj takes Indira upstairs and tells her to dress up for Rishi properly. Indira is irritated and asks Rishi who he is . She also says that whoever comes to SN stays back there forever. Rishi tells Vanraj to go to Munna and her does. Indira asks
him about Vanraj. Rishi tells her to concentrate on romancing with him instead. Indira says that she has to change and asks about her clothes. Rishi opens the cupboard and Indira finds all her belongings safe in it. Rishi shows her the watch, the first dress that she bought for herself from her salary and her hand bag that Ishaan kept complaining about. She then spots a waist cost on the cupboard and asks Rishi about it. before Rishi could answer, Munna comes and says that it must be of Zara, she wore such short jackets.

Rishi says that he will tell Indira everything on his own. Munna says that its pay back time and he is doing so only because Rishi told Indira about the circus money. Munna Tells Indira that for the 8 years she wasn’t here, Rishi enjoyed to the fullest with shweta and then Zara. Rishi pushes him out of the room. Indira is enjoying Rishi’s nervousness and acts as if she is angry. She asks Rishi about everything that happened .

Rishi says that she had already married him off to Shweta but he thought that Zara was Indira and that’s it. She says how close were they. Rishi tells her about the two instances he kissed her. Indira shows fake anger. Rishi says Munna Is calling him and runs out of the room. Indira laughs. She looks around. She changes and hears Sunaina and Seher conversing. She goes out to see Sunaina is braiding Seher’s hair and they are having good time. Indira starts searching for Indu. She keeps looking around and reaches a room with toys , water bottle and bicycle and concludes that its Indu’s room. She starts cleaning it up. Indu comes and looks on. Indira looks at Indu and tells her to change otherwise she will catch cold because she has been playing with colours. she opens the cupboard and takes a dress out for her. Indu keeps it back and takes out another dress that is exactly like the one Indira is wearing. She changes. Indira braids her hair. She then looks at Indu who is crying. She tells Indu to be strong like her mom. Indu says that she used to ask Shweta who she is like , Shweta used to ignore the question but she now knows that she IS like Indira. Indira too gets teary eyed. Indu says that she too doesn’t like tears.
Indira hugs her.
Indira coming downstairs with Indu both are wearing the same green suits and everyone are happy seeing them
They lit the fie and all begin to consume bhang and dance.
Kutumbh is very irritated seeing Indur and Meher close dance she suddenly feels unwell and calls for Indira she runs to Kutumbh asking the others to help.
Indira asks for the inhaler of Kutumbh but Munna asks her for money she says since 8 yrs she was not here and did they manage?She calls for Rishi who’s drunk and lying. kutumbh is still suffering.
Indu runs to buy the inhaler she tells the shopkeeper she’ll give him money afterwards, but he does not want to give her the inhaler as he wants his money right now.
Indu is compels to use her slingshot and she hits her
takes the inhaler and runs to save kutumbh.
Indira asks from where she got it she says to save Kutumbh first.
Right then arrives the shopkeeper with the police to get Indu arrested but Indu explains what happened and why she did everything.
the shopkeeper insists that the police should arrest Indu as she’s not well raised she’s like her mother and a bit more.
Indira checks the inhaler packet and sees it is not for sale and then the police arrests him and takes him away.


Indira yells to Indu for her behaviour and tells her to sit in the position of a rooster.She says no and goes in.Indira follows her and the others also follow them
Indira tells her to accept the punishment or otherwise the others who’s are standing will have to go through the same.Indira calls for Seher and Indu says no she sits like the rooster and Indira says it is all because of them that Indu does not behave properly with the elders.Her father also is responsible she sees Rishi lying down all drunk.
She throws water on him and he gets up saying to indira in his drunk state to leave the house as his shreematiji saw her jacket in his wardrobe.
Indira gets angry as he thinks that she’s Zara and makes him sit like the rooster.
Indu sees the spiked drinks lying in a plate and she signals Munna to make Indira drink it and they all begin to dance and play holi.
Rishi and indira goes to their room and romantically Rishi says to Indira to take advantage of him this time.

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