Indu thinking whom she will take with her to school. She then dreams if Indira comes to school, then she will be very angry and beat her with the ruler in front of principal.
Indu comes to school with a bar dancer lady and she tells principal that she is her mother. Indu tells principal that her mother has gone through a lot recently and asks her not to add “masala” while complaining about her.

At home, Indira is cleaning Indu’s room and finds her expelled letter.
Indira also comes to the principal office and asks Indu what did you think that you will hide truth from me? She gives her a tight slap to Indu. Everyone gets shocked. Bar lady asks Indira what is this? Are you her mother or a hitler lady? Indira gets mad at bar lady and tells her, I know
very well what kind of woman you are. You don’t need to teach me how to raise children. Principal calls peon to take bar lady out. Before bar lady goes, she tells Indira that she didn’t choose this profession on her own. She was pushed into it.. she chose it so she could take care of her family. She says, I liked this girl so thought to help her out. She leaves and it seems Indira is feeling bad for what she said.

Indira apologizes to principal on Indu’s behalf. Principal tells Indira that she pushed Indu to 3rd grade, but she can’t do this everytime. Indu doesn’t even know 1st grade stuff. Indu stares at principal with anger. Indira says, I don’t think it is like that.. she will be able to answer 1st grade stuff. She tells principal to ask her some questions. Principal asks her a question and Indu replies, don’t you know that you’re asking me? Indira pulls Indu’s ears and asks her, you study in 3rd grade and you can’t even answer 1st grade question? Principal asks Indira what can we do now? Indira says, I didn’t know about this. She requests principal to demote Indu from 3rd grade to 1st grade. Indu tells her, you can’t do this.. everyone will make my fun. Indira says what I said is final. A guy takes Indu with him.

After they leave, principal tells Indira, I have never seen such strict mum. Indira says, we have to be tough sometimes to bring children on right path. If she doesn’t come on right path today, then she will struggle in her entire life. And I don’t want to do same mistake as my mother. Indira then asks principal, if Indu does good and get high marks in 1st grade, then will you promote her to 3rd grade? Principal agrees and says, no fee is deposited since last 6 months and if it’s not deposited, then she won’t be able to sit in the exams. Indira says that she will arrange it and leaves.

Guy is still taking Indu to the class, but Indu doesn’t want to go. Indira sees that and now she pulls Indu. Other students see that and laugh at Indu. Indu warns Indira not to touch her and not to disrespect her in front of others. Students say, now it will be fun.. she used to scare everyone all the time and now. Indira gives student an angry look and they disappear. Indira pulls her hand and says, you don’t earn respect by asking.. you earn it. If you want respect, then go to your class, study and then get respect. She explains her, I am not giving you any punishment. I am giving you a chance to prove yourself. If you have any shame left, then accept it. When you win this challenge, no one will win disrespect you. I promise you.
At home, Rishi is angry at Indira. They blame each other for spoiling Indu. On the other side, everyone is laughing at Indu. Indira even tells Rishi that he is also useless like her family. House runs on an outsider’s money. No school fees is paid. And today Indu took a bar dancer with her. Rishi recognizes her right away. Indira says, so you know her. This is what you did after I left. Rishi says, you’re saying anything that comes in your mind. I never asked you about what you did in last 8 years and never will. And as you have asked me such cheap question… I will answer you.. whom you’re saying a cheap woman.. same woman helped us in bringing your memory back without taking anything. I don’t care what others say about her, but after the way she helped us, all I can say is her heart is of god. He’s leaving now, but then stops and says, think a little.. despite her real mother being here, Indu still took that bar dancer to school making her mother. Why? Do you have any answer?

Indu comes out of school in anger and finds the student who was making her fun. She slaps him and beats him very badly.
Rishi says, today Indu has a fear in her and that is why she listens to you.. But tomorrow that fear may change in hate.
On the other hand, Indu continues beating that student and says, I hate you mum. I hate you.
students attacking back on Indu. They surround her and make fun of her. Sehar, principal, and other school staff come and stop the fight. Principal asks who started this fight, and students say Indu did. Principal gets angry at Indu and asks her all that Indira said didn’t affect her and asks her to leave. Indu stares with anger. Sehar takes her and leaves. Principal says that she will have to call Indira again.

Here, Indira feels bad for what she said to Rishi about Sajni. She comes to bar place and doesn’t feel comfortable in that environment. A lady tells her that Sajni should be coming shortly. Indira waits there.
In court, Rishi asks his friend to find him some case. His friend says, have patience you will find one. Indira calls Rishi, but he remembers
what she had told him that he is useless and he doesn’t pick up. He says to himself, you all call me useless, right? Now I will show you earning lots of money.
Sajni comes to bar place with lots of girls. She hides them in a room. A lady comes and asks her why she brought them here. Sajni says, when I was of their age, these people kidnapped me and made me what I am today. I can’t let that happen with these girls. Lady warns her that if those people find out, then they will kill her. Right then the group of people come. Their leader, Rajrani, is gay, neither man, nor woman. Rajrani says who dared to make those girls run away.

Indira is getting late for the interview so she decides that she will come tomorrow. While she’s leaving, she hears someone firing a bullet and everyone running here and there. She goes to check. She sees Sajni and group of people leaving with girls. She tells Sajni that she was just searching for her and asks who were those people. Sajni then falls and Indira catches her.
Sajni tells Indira that Rajrani sells young girls to men, and gives Indira a phone which has video proof against Rajrani. She asks Indira to promise her that she won’t let anything happen with those innocent girls. Sajni says if you do that, then I will be able to rest in peace. Indira promises her and also apologizes for what she said her in principal office. Sajni dies.
A lady hears all that and calls Rajrani and says that Indira has proof against her/him. Rajrani says that he/she will see not only Indira, but her entire family.

One side, Indira shows proof to police and asks them to arrest Rajrani. Police inspector asks her if she is sure because Rajrani has big contacts and it could be dangerous to mess with him/her. Indira says, Sajni gave up her life to save those innocent girls and I must save those girls now. On the other side, Rajrani’s men bring Rishi to Rajrani. Rajrani gives him lots of money and asks him to be his/her lawyer. Rishi asks, but what’s the case. Rajrani confuses him and doesn’t exactly say what the case is about. She gives more money, and Rishi assures Rajrani that arresting him/her is too far, no one even will be able to touch him/her.
Screen freezes on Rajrani, Indira, and Rishi’s faces.
Vanraj is playing the music and Sunaina is performing on some classical dance.
Kutumbh is not so happy, and Seher brings Prince of DID and they promote DID super mom.
Indira enters and encourages sunaina to take part in the competition and asks Seher about Indu whereabout.Seher very reluctantly says she must be inside and Indira asks what happened again??
Indu is looking at her wound and tells Indira she’s hurt,Indira gets angry on Indu instead and tells her how ill mannered she’s.
Rishi arrives and Indu runs to him saying she did not do anything and Seher comes and tells them what really happened in school and tells that Indu is not at fault.
Rishi tells Indira the Others students are mocking at Indu and Indu says she does not want to go
to school from tomorrow.
Rishi tries to explain to Indira that Indu is their daughter and not her tenant she must know how to talk with her and she must alsotries to know Indu well.
Rishi drags Indira in the hall calling everyone and puts a bundle of notes in her hand saying he’s not jobless ,good for nothing as Indira called him.He has the power to give her the money.
Rishi tells Indira that he loves her so much that after she has gone he was completely lost in himself that he forgot his responsibilities and he has the capacity to earn money.He runs upstairs and the Others keep looking at the money in Indira hand.
Indira comes upstairs to pacify Rishi and sees him searching for something she asks him what and he says he’s searching for his law books.
He hears Kutumbh talking with some banyans and runs to takes his books from Kutumbh and Kutumbh says that the books were lying in a corner since a long time and was taking dust so she thought of selling it.
Indira tells Kutumbh she’s also in the same category does she wants her to sell her and she warns kutumbh not to touch Rishi books again.Rishi receives a call and it is Rajrani who’s asking and threatening him that he must definitely win his case and he must be proved innocent.
Rishi goes to his room with his books as he begins to read Indira tries to talk to her and finally kisses him on his forehead to pacify him.They sweetly talk with each other and Rishi tells her to deposit Indu fees and to ask the principal to promote her again in standard three.
Indira says it is not a proper way to raise her what will happen to her education and since how long will they get her promoted by giving donation.
Rishi gets angry and asks if she’s again doubting him and his capacity he’ll definitely earn money.

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