5 Highly Effective Mindsets That Guarantee Success For Muslims

Expecting The Best Of Allaah(Optimism)

Human needs are vast and our goals are endless. Sometimes, it appears as though the goals are never going to happen. That’s not being negative, it’s us trying to weigh the options and ascertain if the goal, task or project is worth chasing or investing in at all.

However, after exerting your best effort and planning the best you can. The next is to pray and have conviction in Allaah’s ability to bring the goal to you.

Know that trusting Allaah alone may well be the reason that He grants you that goodness.

The Messenger of Allaah (SAW) narrated that Allah the Most High said, ‘I am as My servant thinks (expects) I am. (Hadith Qudsi)

In another narration, the Prophet (SAW) said, “Allah says: If he thinks good of me, he will have it. And if he thinks evil of me, he will have it.”

Thus, after clear goals and investment on your part, back your prayers and expectations with positive thoughts, with optimism.

Don’t ever give up hope in Allaah. “If the Day of Resurrection were established upon one of you, while he has in his hand a sapling (small plant), then let him plant it.” That’s the Prophet (SAW) saying even if it seems like you’re on your deathbed, whatever happens, keep the trust and be certain Allaah is on hand.

Learn the names and attributes of Allaah to know what He can do.

Observe Yourself

It’s comes off as unbelievable that a lot of people don’t know themselves.

But, imagine you asked Ibn Masud (RA), the foremost expert on the Qur’an, about what his strengths and weaknesses are. Do you think he would know?

He sure would! He would know where he could contribute the most and get the most reward and he’d know where he needs to call for help so he doesn’t make mistakes.

So, turn on your spider’s sense and pay attention to your preferences, your strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes and the way you reason on everything and so on.

Observing yourself puts you in the state of doing reality check and helps you understand yourself than anybody else.

Knowing your abilities and inabilities means you have it figured out and you can now strive for improvement in any areas that need getting better at.

Go With Your Strength

If you know yourself the next step is to lead with your strengths.

Whatever you’re good at, double down on it.

Most big performers aren’t very good at many things, they’re just world class at 1 to 3 things. Mastering those few skills outweighs all the other skills they lack.

Therefore, don’t worry too much about your weaknesses, just make sure you’re in a position to use what you’re good at to the fullest. People value experts of 1 thing more than a jack-of-all-trades.

Whatever you’re good at, do more of it.

Experiment Mindset

We are often scared or cautious when it comes to new skills, sports or stages in our lives.

This can be because we think we have to commit to it and stick with it even if it’s an epic fail.

“If I slip up it will be the end of the world.”

“Once I start university that’s it, I have to stick with it for 3 years even if I’m struggling and stressed”

“Starting that Arabic course means going every week for 3 months, what if I don’t have the time?”

So many worries! Let’s change our mindset:

From now on, look at every new project as an experiment. Set a hypothesis, for example, “this Arabic class will allow me to learn slowly but surely and still allow me to keep up with other duties.” Then you test to see if this is true. If it’s not you tweak until it is or end the experiment.

The Best Investment

What comes to mind at the sight of investment? Shares? Property? It’s usually something material isn’t it?

Yes, those investments can be great. However, the more significant, less financially demanding investments are all too often overlooked.

Think about it, how would you even know what shares to buy? How would you know what type of property will bring the biggest returns? That’s the thing, you won’t unless you invest in yourself.

I’ve overinvest in myself because I know I’m my biggest asset. If the economy crumbles down I’ll still have my mind InshaaAllaah. That’s why I spend a lot on courses to become better and better so when it is time to invest in something bigger I know what I’m doing.

These are just a couple, what mindset do you think is key for every Muslim to cultivate?

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