Policeman pretended to be dead, to save himself from the IPOB.

One of the policemen that was reportedly dead from friday 23rd November incident between the IPOB and the police was just pretending.

The pictures of the policeman coming out from a stagnant gutter leaked later on today.

The Radio Biafra official page posted an official review of the incident. which reads

Yesterday being Friday 23rd November 2018, a disgraceful drama was yet staged to blackmail the IPOB as having killed a policeman. The Police decorated one of it’s officers to pretentiously lie postrate inside stinking, dirty sewage (gutter) as having been killed by the most disciplined, mass peaceful movement, enlightened and peaceful IPOB volunteers who were on peaceful sensitization rally. The picture of the bizarre/shameful drama of the “dead police officer” lying inside the dirty gutter was taken for deceitful publication. But what they woefully failed to understand is that our satellite was beamed everywhere across the entire Biafraland. The whole land of Biafra has been saturated with IPOB satilite for distinct security surveillance. The Nigerian Police in connivance with Vanguard Newspaper, published just one picture where the pretentious dead police officer lay, inside the drainage system.

The IPOB satellite clearly captured the sequential drama and also relayed how the policeman entered the stinking, dirty gutter, his lying position as a lifeless, dead figure, how he eventually stood up, stepped out, cleaned up and walked out all by himself. All stages of the shameful drama were visually documented.

There also exists other fake pictures of IPOB volunteers’ damaged police vehicles, which were subtly orchestrated to rubbish the integrity of IPOB . If the presidency can callously publish fictitious pictures of Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani, Buhari’s double in Aso Rock, standing with world leaders in Paris, France Peace Summit, then there appears absolutely nothing the Nigerian government cannot do to try to thwart reality. This is a government that derives pleasure and luxury in forgery and criminality but the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) globally, is always very much ahead of them despite their numerous evil antics.

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