Christianity: Is sexual attraction relevant in Christian marriages ?

My friend was asking a lady out and as they were talking, he asked if he found him sexually attractive?

She said no, she said she was just convinced in her spirit he was a man God wanted for her.

He asked her how she managed her sexual urges… Simply put, how she dealt with konji.

The lady said she doesn’t have sexual urges oh, she is free from such “impure thoughts”.

The way my friend bailed ehn, you will think the girl had a skull in her fridge.

These scenarios came to mind

1. She could have HSDD and she needs urgent medical and psychological attention.

2. She probably was thinking that since my friend is a very spiricoco brother, it would be a good criterion to have.

3. She doesn’t like the man. She is just looking for a man to marry.

Oh well, not my guy. Bobo is just holding things down till marriage because in his words, once he marries ehn, he doesn’t think he will rest from that new job description. So to marry someone that doesn’t have ” sexual urges”?

Or someone who does not find me sexually attractive…

“I nor go fit for that prayer point” he said

I don’t know if there are guys that like women that don’t have sexual urges oh (most of you play too much). But most “African Sisthren” think it is wife materially to play down their sexuality, so that they don’t appear spoilt or damaged.

Who you dey deceive?

There is nothing un-virtuous in admitting that you like sex or would like sex as a married woman. Or that you don’t, but would like to explore and learn when you marry.

You can not expect someone to marry you after boldly telling them you hate sex or will hate sex. what are you doing in marriage?

What is sexual attraction?

Sexual attraction is a feeling that is experienced that causes a desire for sexual contact with another person.

I am of the opinion that it is very vital in marriage as marriage is 80% carnal.

When marriage is in gear, it is sex and affection that bonds the couple never spiritual fervency.

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