Ravi Dubey & Sargun Mehta Celebrate 5th Wedding Anniversary

One of the most happening jodis of Telly world, Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta are celebrating their wedding anniversary today. The couple is stepping into 5th year of marriage and we just can’t get over their extremely fun-filled love life. On this special day, we decided to take you through some of the most bizzare yet beautiful things Ravi and Sargun have to say about each other.

Did you know? When Sargun first saw Ravi, she thought he looked really bad? And how Ravi gifted her a washing machine on her birthday? When Sargun First Saw Ravi Recalling the first time she saw her future husband, Sargun said, ‘He was to play this mentally retarded guy; they showed me photographs of the look test, and my reaction was ‘chee’.

So, I was expecting this really odd looking guy on the sets. We were to shoot the promo; Ravi knocked on my vanity door dressed in this red jacket looking cool and cute. My first reaction was- who is this cute guy?

That’s when I realized he was to play my husband.’ He Gave Her A Washing Machine For B’day ‘I remember it was my birthday and he came in saying that I will get my gift in two days and how he couldn’t carry it. I was super excited. The next day I got a delivery for a washing machine and a TV. It was truly bizarre.’ Ravi Is Not Romantic At All Talking about her first Valentine’s day with Ravi, Sargun said, ‘He is not a romantic guy at all. For him, to buy a card is also big deal. He once went to an Archies showroom and was irritated looking at all the cards. So, he told them to give the biggest heart card, paid for it and gave it to me without even writing anything on it. It was our first Valentine’s Day.

I took the card and asked him if I could recycle it for my next boyfriend since he had not written anything in it.’ When Ravi Saw His Dulhan Ravi may not be as romantic, but he has his share of story to share. He said, ‘The most beautiful moment was when I was on the podium for the jai mala and I saw Sargun being carried on a doli. There were these golden lights around her and she looked beautiful. It was a very surreal moment, one that I can never forget.’

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