How to get smartphone at low price rate

1. Trading off your old phone

Best deals come in all forms. Either you can exchange it or sell it for buying a new smart-phone. There are several trade-in programs to offer you good value on your old smart-phones.

These programs buy your old phones in exchange of gift cards, Paypal transfer or even in cash. Typically, these programs quote the value of your old smart-phone based on the model, condition, brand, and availability of the original bill.

If you agree with their pricing, they send you a box with prepaid return shipping. You will then have to ship your old phone using the same box to the company. Once they receive the phone in the described condition, payment is made to you.

Some of the popular trade-in programs are Gazelle, NextWorth, Best Buy, uSell, and Amazon. You can upload your selling inquiry to each of such medium and compare the prices offered by them.

The most trusted among all is Amazon as it offers great value in exchange for the Amazon gift cards. Moreover, Amazon sells anything and everything so, you can even use the gift card to buy your next smartphone from here.

Also, you can simply look for smart-phones deals with exchange offers. Either way, you will have to pay lesser than the actual market value for your latest smartphone.

2. Mobile Carrier Company plans

One great way to get cheapest smartphone deals is buying it via carrier company’s plan. After you decide on your latest pick, compare the carriers offers to find the best plan including phone and service cost.

Sometimes, the carrier may blind you with their free phone offers and charge high for the services bounding you in two years contracts.

However, in a longer run, mobile carriers plan seems more budget friendly compared to rest of the options. (only if all the contracts are compared and calculated thoroughly)

Here are some great plans offered by the mobile network carrier companies

  • AT&T – Next 12 and Next With Down Payment are the best plans which you can opt for buying your latest smart-phones with AT&T service. These normally have two years contract with 12 months upgrade. Hence, you can get really good saving by the time your next smart-phone releases out.
  • T-Mobiles – T-Mobile’s JUMP and JUMP! On Demand are T-Mobiles options for people who frequently like to swap with the latest smart-phones. Unlike AT&T, these plans are for leasing the phone in exchange for more frequent access to upgrades. If you have good credit score, you can get $0 down which is a good deal for frequent up-graders.
  • Verizon – This is specific for iPhone fans. Verizon plans are eligible only for Apple Phones. The advantage of this carrier is that you can upgrade your smartphone after 6 months or even you have paid half of the money.
  • Sprint – this is an another iPhone lover carrier company. Here, plans are similar to Verizon. iPhone Forever is a leasing plan that allows you to upgrade after a year. Similar to other carriers, a good credit score enables you $0 down and in other cases, you have to pay a minimum down payment.

3. Refurbished Smartphones

Most of you have heard of refurbished phones. Have you ever wonder why these phones are sold cheaper than the brand new ones? Its because refurbish is a used phone which has undergone wiping and cleaning to look like a new one.

Most retailers sell such phones with refurbishing certificates for their customer satisfaction with service guaranteed. These amazing smart-phones are fully loaded and cost much lesser than the original value.

So, if you want to have the latest smartphone with great saving, refurbish phones are a great option too.


Latest smartphones are very expensive deals. So, you cannot expect to save greatly but, saving can be done for sure. Coupons are also a great source of saving while buying the latest gadgets.

You can use platforms like to grab deals on various retailers and stores. Hope you found the above information useful!

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