So Rishi saves Zara and that’s the end of the party. Nothing is proven yet. Indira feels hurt seeing Zara closer to Rishi. She decides to finish work today only for which she came.In night, Zara tells Rishi that she wants him to put sindhoor. Before Rishi does that, Indu comes and calls Rishi in Ammu’s style. Rishi gets scared and drops sindhoor box. Zara gets angry at Indu and goes to slap her, but Rishi stops her and says she is a child.. who else would do fun like this. They then go to sleep.In morning, when Zara wakes up she finds her face red. Indu hides and laughs saying you wanted to put sindhoor right? Now your face has become red. After cleaning her face, Zara searches for Rishi but can’t find him. She asks Munna, Indu but no one knows anything. Munna goes and file a police complains.

In night, a cop comes with a wallet and asks if that’s Rishi’s. Zara says yes. The cop takes her to the hospital where Rishi is declared paralyzed, body below his neck don’t function. Zara asks that means alive dead body? Doctor says yes and tells her she can take him home. Indira is hiding and watching all this. She says Zara’s real test starts now.

They show how Indira kidnapped Rishi, with help of Radhe and Vanraj, in the night when he was sleeping and then asked him to act of being paralyzed for only 48 hours. Indira says, that Zara (Indira for Rishi) said she will love you no matter what. If she is still with you and loves you after 48 hours then she can live with you. Rishi eventually agrees.

Zara brings paralyzed Rishi home and everyone is shocked seeing him on wheelchair. Indira is hiding and watching. She says, I told you Zara Khan.. do anything, but don’t stop loving your husband. As soon as you stop loving your paralyzed husband, your defeat will start. When there is a fight between two women, wife always wins. Zara looks at Rishi with a nervous face

paralyzed RK and the Sharmas are assembled there. Zara is worried, Indu smiles and praises Indira ‘s plan, Indira is there too hiding behind wall and plants inside the house. Kutumb asks whats wrong with RK? Zara angrily tells them that RK is met an accident and thus he is paralyzed. The whole family are shocked while Indira, Indu and Seher are smiling .Kutumb asks if he can still hear, she goes and talks to RK but there is no response. Kutumb tells Zara that RK is good as dead, Zara is stunned as she looks at a still RK. Inder tells Kutumb to wait and goes and tickles RK, RK wanted to laugh but he didn’t! Inder also concludes that he is a gonna.Rk in a columbus curses Inder and Kutumb. Vanraj also tells Zara that Rk is as good as dead especially in his

condition. Zara commands him to shut up! Kutumb asks Indu to talk to his father maybe he might respond. Indu runs and steps on RK ‘s legs and kneels on his knee (RK is uncomfortable) Indu asks him why does he want to leave her.

Zara pulls her from there and asks her to stop her drama. Zara calls a neurologist and says she is Za…. she then composes her self and says Indira RK. She tells the doctor that het husband met with an accident and this fractured his spinal chord. Zara informs Rk that she spoke to the neurologist and he will come soon. Indira is worried because as soon as the doctor sees RK he will realize he is a faking the paralysis, she says she has to do something. Munna enters with a brick of ice for RK ‘s corpse citing that he thought he was dead but he is boggled seeing him not responding and he is informed he is paralyzed, he does some drama then places the ice on RK ‘s legs making him. very uncomfortable read full updates of HD on desitvbox.com Indira smiles! Zara asks him to stop it and tells him to remove the ice which he does. Kutumb says that Indira has to also take him to the toilet and Inder supports her. Sugandha says due to Rk ‘s condition he has to get a lower room but no one that is Kutumb, Inder or Munna wants to let RK and Indira use their room. Munna makes a toilet sit for RK and he apologizes that he couldn’t lend his room. Rk is disgusted by Munna. Zara plus everyone leaves from there. Indira comes to RK and taunts him about his wife leaving him behind, Zara comes back with a red stole! Indira hides. she ties it on RK ‘s waist and hers, he looks at Indira and smiles Indira is boggled, Zara struggles to pull RK on the staircase (Indira is pregnant and if she used force like that then she would have miscarriaged) poor RK ‘s head hits the wall per step.

Indira tells Vanraj that she will leave Rk with his wife Zara if she fails. Indu comes and manages to boost Indira ‘s morale. Indira has a plan. Rk stretches as he complains that he is not paralysed but he feel like. He then hears foot steps and returns in his still mode.

Zara enters the room with a bowl and she srarts to remove rks kurta . She raises both hands but when RK ‘s hand remains firm without her support. This alarms her,RK realizes this and drops his hand. Zara is suspicious of RK

Zara is removing RK ‘s kurta and he leaves his hand firm without Zara ‘s support and this makes Zara suspicious, she tries to look at his face but he is just the same. She puts her hands in the bowl and gets burnt because the water is hot, she gets an idea of sponging RK with hot water so that he can see his reaction. She does it and RK moves his hand and Zara sees, she continues to sponge RK with the hot water in order for her to investigate if RK is faking the paralysis. She questions RK about this but her question is unanswered and this makes Zara furious and after helping him wear another kurta she loosens the brakes and cites that she is going for something, she pushes the wheelchair, Zara then says she will now know if RK is faking the paralysis.

Meanwhile RK tries his

utmost best to loosen his belt so that he can jump from the chair but its tight and unfortunately the wheelchair rolls down the staircase. Zara is horrified and runs behind the wheelchair calling RK. The wheelchair reaches down and Indira in a very funny Avatar stops it and ridicules RK for being pushed from upstairs. Zara reaches there and asks Indira why was she touching her husband. Everyone assembles there .

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