Rishi tells Indira that they will have to stay here because Indira has an appointment with a doctor for the checkup and they will leave in morning. Indu says she will also go with them, but Rishi is in hurry to send everyone out.Then there is a emotional-comedy scene of everyone leaving the house. Everyone looks back to their memories in the house saying this might be their last time in this house. Munna puts his hands in mud and leaves his fingerprints on the wall – which a bride usually does when she comes to her husband’s house. He looks at his dirty hands and says, now I understood why it is so difficult for girls to leave their house. Rishi rushes everyone to go out. As they leave, Indira says, all are dramebaaz in her house. Rishi locks the door after they leave and get romantic with Indira. He takes Shah Rukh Khan’s pose. Indira asks him why he is taking that pose. Rishi starts dancing with her. He tells Indira that he lied as he wanted to spend some time alone with her. He goes closer to her, but she pushes him back. She says, there is someone else here as well beside us, Chicku, and he is not happy seeing his dad’s behavior. Rishi says, then what will I have to do to make Chicku and his mother happy. Indira says, Chicku wants you to arrange a candle light dinner, and you will make all dishes by yourself, and then Chicku wants to eat ice cream after dinner. Indira runs and Rishi runs to catch her.
They are in kitchen now. Rishi is cooking and Indira is watching him. When he burns his finger. Indira kisses it. Rishi is done cooking now.
He has decorated the house and brings Indira there. They feed each other and Indira is impressed with Rishi’s cooking. Rishi offers her a bite and keeps taking his hand back. Indira then bites his finger as well. Indira then tells Rishi, this is our last night in this house, why not spend it where our journey was started? Rishi asks where? Indira points her finger to their room. Rishi carries her and brings her there. He puts her on the bed and is getting romantic. He praises her beauty and goes forward to kiss her, but Indira blocks. Indira then says, if it was Zara on my place, then she would have taken full advantage of this night. Rishi gets upset as Indira took Zara’s name. Indira says, I was just kidding. Rishi leaves the room. Indira follows him and says, I know how to make you happy. She gets romantic with him and this brings smile on Rishi’s face. They are about to kiss and this time even their noses touch, but it’s doorbell that disturbs them.
They go to check and all their family members have returned. They say that Indu got lost. Rishi and Indira get worried. Indu whistles and everyone gets attention to her. Indu is standing on the edge of the balcony. Indira.. Everyone asks her to come down, but Indu says, mummy, no threatening. First accept my conditions, and then I will come down. If you don’t accept them, then I will jump down. Everyone is worried.
Indira tells Indu she is badi hitler, and won’t agree to any her condition. She asks her to come down. Rishi remembers Indu had done something like this in past as well, and he says they will listen to all her conditions. Indu’s 3 conditions are Chicku will born in Sharma Niwas They won’t leave Sharma Niwas All family members will have to take their responsibility seriously so they can change bad reputation that they have in their society
After hearing to 3rd condition, Indira agrees to first 2 conditions, but says 3rd one Indu will have to make everyone agree and in case if she fails, they all will have to go to Jhanjhar. Indu agrees and comes down. Indira tells Indu, I am seeing that you’re one step ahead of me. I am proud of you. You’ve grown up
so much. Both hug. Rishi and Indira leave.
Indu has a tough task of making all lazy people work. She asks everyone to put bags back in their room. No one is moving. Indu then tells Vanraj to take out a wreath of money. Everyone wants that money. Indu says, person, who listens to me and who is best according to me, will get that. Everyone now runs to put their bags in their room.
In Inder’s room, both Inder and Kutumb are discussing about this and both of them want money. Indu is happy to know that her plan is working for Inder and Kutumb.
In Munna’s room, Sugandha wants money as well. She tells Munna to listen to what Indu says, but Munna says, I am not made to work and I am her uncle as well and I will show that to her. Indu listens and plans to do something.
Next day, Vanraj, in different avatar, comes to Munna’s window. He gives coke to Sugandha and is talking to her. Munna enters and he has brought a gajra for Sugandha. Sugandha smells it and throws it away. She says, it seems like you brought it from garbage. Vanraj now offers fresh flowers gajra to her, and she loves it. Munna doesn’t like this. Sugandha reminds him of his promise that he made during their wedding that he will earn money and take care of Sugandha. Munna says to Sugandha, you want money, right? Next time, instead of gajra, I will bring money for you. He leaves. Indu is under the bed. She comes out now and thanks Sugandha. Sugandha says, you’re doing this for our good so no need to thank. Both hug. Sugandha thanks Vanraj as well.
Rishi and Indira return from the hospital. Rishi calls out everyone and says that doctor told Indira to rest and eat properly as she doesn’t have enough blood in her body which could be harmful to Chicku. He says Indira won’t do any work now. Family gets tensed. Indira also wonders who will take care of everyone then. Indu says she will run the house, in end she is choti hitler. Indira laughs and then gets quiet. She tells Indu not to worry, but Indu already starts ordering everyone to go to their room. After they leave, Indu whispers to Indira, just see how everyone runs as if they are in horse race. Just let me use my brain. Indira gets impressed and tells her to carry on. They high-five. Rishi takes Indira to their room. Indira sees the wreath of money on the wall and wonders who did and whether they are real or fake. Rishi says, it must be choti hitler’s work.. leave.
Vanraj tells Indu, no one is doing any work.. if it stays like that then she will have to go Jhanjhar. Indu thinks of something.
Munna, in shirt and tie, comes to a rich person’s house with an insurance policy, but the guy refuses to sign that policy saying he doesn’t trust him and asks Munna to leave. Munna tries very hard, but in vain.
Indu brings milk for Indira. She doesn’t want to drink, but Indu forcefully makes her drink it. Indu then tells Rishi not to bother Indira else he will have to come to choti hitler ki adaalat. Rishi says, I won’t bother her. Indu is leaving, but Indira asks her to sleep with them. Indu asks them how they met and when they fell in love with each other. Rishi and Indira share their stories with Indu that they fought when they met first and then eventually fell in love. Indira was too busy working and earning for family and Rishi wanted to bring a smile on her face. Indu loves their love story. Very good scene.
Indu then asks if Indira’s family has always been like this. Indira says, no.. our family used to be very ideal. Your nanu (Inder) used to have saaree’s shop and used to work very hard. Your nani (Kutumb) used to teach katthak dance, but because of 2nd woman in Inder’s life, she left everything so she can keep an eye on him. Indu asks about Munna. Rishi says, he drinks a lot.. from morning till night. If anyone tells him that drinking alcohol is a work, then he will work that hard with honesty that he will become a millionaire in a night. Indu now asks if Rishi wanted to become a lawyer from beginning. Indira says, no.. he wanted to become a cartoonist. Indu laughs and cannot believe. She tells Rishi to show it to her. Rishi wonders whose drawing to make. Indu says, there are so many cartoons in our family.. choose anyone. They laugh.
Lastly, Indu asks, how did I come? and runs away. Rishi says, such a naughty girl. Indira keeps her head on Rishi’s shoulder and they sleep.
Munna returning back home all frustrated and tells his wife that he failed in seeking clients for his new job they prefer to believe in others rather to believe him his reputation is ruined. His wife says it seems that she’s not destined to see her hubby earnings. Indu who was witnessing everything just console her aunt saying not to worry everything will be alright.
Vanraj tells Indu nothing will be alright she just need to prepare herself to leave for Jhanjhar. Indu has a new idea.
Indur is dreaming about Jhumpa and he gets upin a somnabulism state walks towards his shop. He talks and kisses the close shutters. Indu follows her and sees his gesture and love for his shop and recalls Indira words. Kutumbh comes to see the garland of money and tries it. Indu
snatches it putting in it place says to Kutumbh no one won it yet. Kutumbh says it must be her’s as Indur shows no interest in her anymore and she’s old and can’t earn. Indu gives her the idea of helping Indur in his shop, she tells her if she would have helped from the very beginning Jhumpa would not come in Indur life. Kutumbh gives a thought to the idea which Indu tells her.
After a leap of 5 months Indu cuts the ribbon and says surprise to Indur, it is his new shop.Indur is overwhelmed seeing his shop again. He kisses Indu forhead for realising his dream again. Indira asks Indu from where she gets the money and Kutumbh says it was Indu idea to open her kathak class again. Vanraj helped her as the advance level teacher and she’s teaching the basic level. She took some advance and re-opened the shop. Indur feels really indebted to her and asks for forgiveness,as she proves herself to be a loyal wife.Kutumbh says he shouldn’t ask for forgiveness and Indur says he’ll try his level best to regain the trust of his wife.He says that Kutumbh is his true life companion. He praises Indu saying he must have done something good to have her as his grandchild, Kutumbh also agrees.Indu tells everyone stop getting emotional to follow her as she has one another surprise for them.
They enter SN and sees all the sketchers of Rishi in the hall and Indu tells Rishi Ishaan already uploaded all of these on internet to be sold. Indu gives Rishi the money and says all the pictures are sold out except for one. Rishi can’t believe his ears, Indu suggests that he should follow his dream as everyone claims that he’s a good cartoonist.Rishi is proud of her saying only his daughter recognises him.
Indur and Vanraj are laughing and Indu asks whay are they laughing, Indur says Rishi really depicted Munna well in the sketch as everywhere he’s with his bottle of liquor and Munna feels embarras, Indu says that is why a liquor shop bought all the sketches of Munna.Indira notices Munna changed face and says he must feel proud, Munna says that is what he’s good for.munna leaves and Indu shows them the picture which is not sold and it is of Rishi and his family with Chikoo in Indira arm.
Indira suddenly goes in labour pain,and Kutumbh says it is time for her delivery. Chikoo is born and everyone is happy.They keep on kissing him. Indira tells Indu now she’s happy Chikoo is born, Indu says Chikoo is so cute. Indira tells Indu now they must leave for Jhanjhar as Munna failed to get a job, Indu says Munna is the one who’ll earn more than everyone,he’s the new bar tender. Indu says now they will not leave Chandni Chowk. Indira praises Indu for realising the dreams of everyone and says she’s proud to be her mom.Munna asks Chikoo if he’s proud to have him as his uncle? He shows him a feeding bottle saying he’ll prepare milk for him everytimes he visits his bar.
Indu says finally everything is running smoothly in SN, Indira says it is not yet the end as she’s still jobless. Indu says she has a job for Indira… Indu has taken the place of Indira she’s running the court of Hitler and Rishi says till Hitler is present in CC no one else can rule.Indira also says that Indu will rule SN and CC from now.The title song of HD is heard in the BG with some flashbacks of Indu and Indira. Kutumbh seizes the opportunity to ask who’ll win the garland of money? everyone tries to snatch the garland and Indu runaway saying fight as much as you want as all the notes are fake.Indu rushes outside kisses the name board and says that they are going but if ever time give a chance they will be back again as the story is not complete and some dreams are still here to realise, she throws a letter which she has written and this goes on the face of a guy(Same first scene of Indira and Rishi) the guy reads the letter and calls Indu as IRON LADY, and in SN once again Indira Rishi and the whole family gather to give a sweet smile to everyone.
~**~THE END~**~

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